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Testimonials from our happy customers.
AhaLeads is a game changer. We used to spend 80+ man-hours per week for lead generation. Now it's come down to almost negligible.

Raymond Turner

Sales Manager

Amazing... Lead generation on steroids.

Bruce Sutton

Marketing Expert

We closed a deal of 20K a couple of days into using AhaLeads. Best bang for the buck!

Pete Hugh

Design Director

Manually generating leads has been both time-consuming and cost-ineffective for us. Until AhaLeads!

John Lin

Sales Development Representative

Frequently asked questions

Commonly asked questions by our customers.

1. What is prospect generation?

Prospect generation, also known as lead generation, is a process to source leads for sales. A good prospect generation is critical to business growth.

2. What is AhaLeads?

AhaLeads is an automated lead generation tool which minimizes traditional legwork involved in lead generation.

3. How can AhaLeads help grow my business?

AhaLeads frees your sales team from having to do much of the manual work, and get them back on selling.

4. How much does it cost?

49 USD per month. You can cancel the subscription any time.

5. How accurate is your lead database?

On average, we achieve a 90%+ precision. For those emails which have been verified as “good”, reachability is 100% at the time of verification.

6. What are credits?

Credits are used to get leads. Every lead requires 1 credit.

7. Do credits expire?

No, they don’t. If you have unused credits near the end of the month, they will be carried forward to the next month.

8. How are credits consumed?

1 credit is consumed each time one of the following happens:

  • a contact is extracted using the Chrome extension;
  • a visitor is identified on your website.

9. Is there a free plan?

You get 20 free credits when you sign up.

Plus, you can get free credits here: https://ahaleads.com/get-free-credits/

10. Is there a money back guarantee?

Absolutely. If somehow you are not satisfied with AhaLeads, let us know within 30 days and you have your money back!

11. What is the Chrome extension?

Our Chrome extension can be installed from Google’s Chrome Web Store, using your Chrome browser. You can use it to extract prospects’ information like email, phone number, title, etc., from supported websites including LinkedIn.

12. What browsers does it run on?

We offer full support for Google Chrome. Support for other browsers is coming soon.

13. What is email verification, and how does it work?

Email verification is a method we use to verify a prospect’s email before we deliver it to you. This ensures that every email verified by us is reachable, and you have a low bounce rate.

14. What if a lead is invalid?

If you find an invalid lead such as bounced email, please contact us and we will refund you.

14. What if I re-add a prospect?

If you add a prospect that’s already added, the prospect’s data will be updated, but it won’t consume any credit.

16. How to get in touch?

Leave a message in the chatbox below to get a response as quickly as possible, usually within hours.


Email us at: support@ahaleads.com.

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