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LinkedIn prospecting is highly effective - you can create an almost infinite stream of prospects from their deep data pool. Except there is one major problem: most people on LinkedIn don't share their emails, which means you have to spend a lot of time to dig them out, if at all. Bummer.

With AhaLeads' Chrome extension, you can literally find a profile's email within seconds. Not hours, not minutes, but seconds.

We verify the email before returning it back to you, so that you are confident these emails are indeed reachable.

Watch it in action.

Saving a prospect's contact information is as simple as clicking the Add button.

Just navigate to the profile page, and click the Add button. AhaLeads then tries to find the email for your, and saves it along with other pieces of information like name/job title/company, etc.

You can then view it in the dashboard.

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Chrome Extension

Use our Chrome extension to find any contact's email on LinkedIn with a single click.
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    Get anyone's email!

    Now browse to any LinkedIn profile/search page, and get the email you want!

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Currently, the extension works only on LinkedIn. We are working hard to support other websites including Google, CrunchBase, and more.