Getting started with AhaLeads

A steady lead stream is the lifeblood of any business. However, one critical issue that every business faces is lead generation, more specifically, generating as many high quality leads as possible, at minimal cost.

We acknowledge this challenge, therefore we built AhaLeads to solve it.

What is AhaLeads

AhaLeads is multi-channel lead generation software. It eases lead generation from these 3 main channels:

  1. inbound; mainly the traffic coming to your website;
  2. outbound; you can proactively mine prospects on social networks like LinkedIn;
  3. database; we offer a huge contact database from which you can mine your prospects by job title/company/industry, etc.

What distinguishes AhaLeads from the competition is that most lead generation services focus on one single channel: inbound, outbound or database, while AhaLeads manages lead generation in all of these channels, with a unified UI facilitating efficiency and productivity. Our data shows that sales teams using AhaLeads generate more revenues since they spend less time prospecting and more time selling.

How to use AhaLeads

AhaLeads employs the Software as a Service (SaaS) model – it runs in the cloud. You can sign up for an account and start using it within your browser.

To sign up for an AhaLeads account, navigate to the register page, as shown below:

Enter your name, email, and password, and click the CREATE MY ACCOUNT button. Now your account is ready.

Now log in to the AhaLeads dashboard, using your account created above. You will be redirected to the dashboard home page which looks like this:

The home page shows an overview of your account, including prospects and credits.

If you are using AhaLeads for the first time, navigate to the Getting Started page to set up the inbound/outbound channels.

Setting up inbound channel

Setting up the inbound channel enables you to identify visitors on your website. All you have to do is to authorize AhaLeads to access your Google Analytics (GA) account. Check this video out:

After you set it up, the inbound channel lead generation runs on autopilot – you don’t need to anything onward, the leads shows up in the dashboard as the traffic comes to your website. Pretty cool, huh?

To check the identified visitors, log in to the dashboard and navigate to the Web Visitors page.

Setting up outbound channel

To set up the outbound channel, you need to download the AhaLeads Chrome extension. Check this video out:

Once the extension is installed, you can use it to mine prospects on social websites like LinkedIn, as shown in the video below:

After you have mined a few prospects, you can log in to the dashboard and navigate to the Prospects page to view them.

Now you are done with this whirlwind introduction to AhaLeads! Feel free to give AhaLeads a spin here.

If you need any help, drop a line in the chat box below, and we will get back to you soon.

Enjoy prospecting with AhaLeads!

Passionate about lead generation. Sharing what we learn all along the journey.

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